The mutual quest of the duo for the realization of Sustainable Development Goal SDG -17 that is
all about revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development. Resulted to this
partnership that is in line with the agenda 2030. The 2030 Agenda is universal and calls for
action by all countries.

The impressive partnership commenced when Dr. Ines Kohl the Chief Executive Officer – The
Rain Workers visited Child Space Organization in August 2023 and had constructive
conversation with the Executive Director Mr. Chrispine Okello who expressed interest to know
more about The RAIN WORKERS formally known as the AKTION REGEN Approach to the

We are grateful to Dr. Ines Kohl who observed our passion that we had for the information and
skills to deliver the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) so as to deliver the same
information to the community we serve in Korogocho and its environs. She promised to send the
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) when she gets back to Austria and she did exactly that.
So, we delightfully signed the MOU in August 2023 followed by the initial financial support for
The Rain Workers for the Beginners’ Training for our staff from 25 th – 29 th September 2023
that was awesome.

The Child Space Organization team was eagerly looking forward to the Advanced Training
that once again was supported by The RAIN WORKERS conducted on 12 th – 16 th March 2024.
“Give Knowledge a Chance”, the team actively participated and each staff led by the Executive
Director himself Mr. Chrispine Okello passed the final examination on the last day of the
advanced training that was done after the two days outreaches held in two schools and assessed
by the trainers Mr. Gabriel Maina and Esther Gitonga.

The last day was filled with excitement because it was the day that all participants were waiting
for to receive their certificates after very intense at the ceremony that was presided over by
Margaret Bachlechner, The RAIN WORKER trainer & head of the East Africa Mobile Office

The most thrilling thing was the fact that despite Mr. Chrispine Okello’s position as the
executive director, he attended all classes, passed the exam and became the first Director/CEO to
receive the certificate of completion having done well during the following topics: Family
Planning | Sexual and Reproductive Health | Fertility awareness | Human-Women-Children-
Rights | Contraception Methods | Mother-Child-Health | Safe Motherhood | HIV/AIDS and

Sexual Transmitted Diseases | Circumcision and Genital Mutilation (FGM) | Skills for

CSO being an organization with enthusiasm to impact the community through our Motto:
Committed to Holistic Development, this was a great chance for the staff and the entire
organization to amalgamate our Value-Based Behavior Change Process (BCP) trainings, vita
Life Skills and mentorship programs with the newly gained information on Sexual and
Reproductive Health Rights, ready to ensure that Adolescent Girls and Women not forget Boys
and Men are all in state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well-being in all matters
relating to the reproductive system.

Propelled by ‘Knowledge as a chance’ quote, we are totally grateful as this acquired knowledge
will us help in prevention of social vices including HIV&AIDS, STIs, Teenage Pregnancies,
Violence Against Children (VAC) and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) as the community will be
empowered with the correct information to make lifestyle changes and improve their lives.
To attain all these, the long-term partnership is quite significant if we are to attain the envisioned
work in the larger community. Let Women Rise!