Our theory of change suggests that formation of sustainable community mentorship programmes for children and young people in safe and nurturing environment results to adoption of positive rewarding behaviours that that brings ripple effect to the larger community thus reduction in numerous social vices.

The change we pursue will come through Building the capacity of individuals to actively take up roles to help pursue the change in the relationships and patterns of interaction among the children, young people and adults within families, the
community, learning centers and places of worship.

A change in the societal customs that support and propel risky behaviour and loss of moral values from the family level.

Active child participation enables the children and young
people to echo their voices on matters that affect them and
access to platforms that meaningfully nurture talents.

We use innovation is to transform the community at the grassroot level using Behaviour Change Process designed to help individuals, Children and young people to restore their power for the desired positive change that escalates to the community.