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Mental Health Dissemination held At Baba Dogo Health Centre on 17 th October, 2022 (SUMMARY)

Mental Health Dissemination held  At Baba Dogo Health Centre on 17 th October, 2022  (SUMMARY)

Mental Health Dissemination held At Baba Dogo Health Centre on 17 th October, 2022 (SUMMARY)

The activity was well attended by seventeen participants drawn from various health departments and in attendance was also the head of Mental Health Ruaraka Sub-County. The forum was lively and the participants were all kin to grasp every detail as was being delivered by the Child Space Organization team led by Executive Director Chrispine Okello.


  • Rationale
  • Sample Size
  • The findings
  • Success stories
  • Challenges
  • Partnership
  • The gaps for intervention

The above was discussed and the reception was quite thrilling as the head of the Ruaraka Mental Health Head promised to work with CSO and linking the team to the Nairobi County whenever the
the organization is ready for such a move.

In response, the participants commended the team for a job well done and more so for considering the Adolescents living in the informal settlements. They said that the area (BABA DOGO) needs more of such children-focused interventions because of the high risks propagated by the level of poverty within.

Lead Dr. Faith Ndeto, the health experts advised the CSO team to align the work with very clear objectives and then plan for another in-depth engagement with all the stakeholders including the
parents, the teachers and the children leaders s for validation of the report and for a triumphant project launch to be followed by the community entry for massive screening in and assessment in Ruaraka schools.

The Dr. added that CSO have already demonstrated the capacity and passion to successfully implement the project, the team should from now involve the government in every undertaking for
their support and the sloth running of the project. It was agreed that once all that is done, we will now start collaborating with the Baba Dogo health facility through the head of Mental Health (Peter Ichangai Karanja) who was quite supportive and promised his full support saying that the project is timely based on the dire needs for Mental Health services for children and adolescents in the area.

To decrease risk factors and improve protective factors against suicide ideation amongst young people ages 8 through to seventeen years in the Ruaraka Sub-County Nairobi.

Objective 1: To partner with local school officials to provide screenings to 100% of Children/pupils between the ages of eight to seventeen in 5 schools within the Ruaraka Sub-County in the next school calendar year 2023.

Objective 2: To provide assessments to all children identified by the screener/s to be at risk of significant harm for self-harming behaviors, within 48 hours of initial screening.

Objective 3: To establish relationships with Government departments to ensure Mental Health treatment is available to all children at risk of significant harm due to their mental status, regardless of economic status.

Objective 4: To decrease risk factors and increase protector factors related to self-harming thoughts by enrolling the young person in a child-centered community mentorship programme (the Smart Children’s Club).

Objective 5: To provide regular sensitization and capacity-building workshops to parents/guardians with relevant support regarding early detection and intervention for signs and symptoms of suicide ideation amongst the young members of their families.


CSO is now ready to roll out the second phase of the Mental Health Project with several lessons learned from the first phase. We intend to expedite the next move to avoid any delay of any un-envisaged impediments that may arise due to our reluctance to dive into the next action for children’s mental health wellness.

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