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Formation of Child Space Organization was propelled by the need to intervene and support children, Youth, Parents, teachers and the community at large, when various reports emerged that many young girls especially school going ages “Teenagers” were blindly engaging in several risky behaviors that expose them to early pregnancies which they happened to fear the most however, they were not afraid of diseases like HIV&AIDS/STIs. To date this remains a major challenge not only to families but to the entire education sector as it poses a threat to the whole country. The causes of teen pregnancies are many and varied: Poverty, peer pressure, lack of knowledge on sexuality, rape and defilement, social practices that encourage teens being on their own, broken families, drug and substance abuse, outdated cultural practices, lack of parental education, ill-educated teachers to infuse sex education in the curriculum, access to un-vetted digital resources and a permissive society among others.

This formed the basis for our existence, Welcome to Child Space Organization!

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