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The Impact of COVID-19 in Children

With pre-existing social economic challenges in Kenya, COVID-19 pandemic has added heavy burden to families and Children are the most affected. As an organization committed to well-being of the Children, Child Space Organization sought to hear from the children themselves through the ongoing survey dubbed “The Impact of COVID-19 in Children” and the already received responses show that that there’s dire need of food and other dignity packs (Sanitary Towels.)



Though the survey is still running, but due to the already received data, we feel that we should request anyone who can help us reach out to suffering families and children by donating any amount towards our target of $5,000 in the next 30 days to buy some food hampers to help ease the pang for these suffering children since the raw findings already show that children are worried with the socio-economic state of their parents. This can easily trigger down to them if we don’t act fast to ensure they are in good state of their Mental Health.  


There’s also drastic increase in Child Sexual Abuse propelled by the current curfews and lockdown.

This is well spelt out in our ongoing survey and can also be confirmed in a recent press release by Unicef COVID-19: Children at heightened risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence amidst intensifying containment measures, confirms the need to expedite the interventions for children.


Ongoing Actions by our team of Volunteers

  1. We’ve joined hands with other volunteers in the community to distribute basic commodities such as food, soap and hand sanitizers through partnerships with other organizations in Korogocho Slums and its environs.
  2. Our online Child to Child Corona Virus Prevention awareness campaign is still ongoing
  3. Provision of Sanitary towel girls during this time but we’re unable to serve desired number due scarcity.

We invite you to partner with us by donating to this Fund.

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